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In our diverse world, it becomes more and more challenging to identify who is who. If you are a single gay searching for a gay partner, you might not be in an easy situation. How do you figure out that this or that man of your interest is gay?

Some people may think that gays «sense» each other. But you know it is not always true. For sure you have your own set of stereotypes to recognize a gay guy in the crowd, but even they have let you down several times.

When searching for a partner online it may be even more complicated to identify a gay. Here we will tell you how to do that and, hence, find your love.

Clue #1. A gay guy hangs out on gay dating websites

It is almost impossible to identify a gay guy on social media – there might be absolutely nothing that would give him away. However, you can easily identify if a guy is gay by checking if he has accounts on the most known gay dating websites or gay dating apps.

He will have accounts at least on one of them, and this is good news for you – if you like this guy, start hitting on him particularly through these platforms.

At the same time, remember to be careful. If you haven’t seen a gay in life, approaching him on gay dating platforms can be dangerous because you may never know if that’s a true gay or a gay stalker/hater. Therefore, use only respected paid secured gay dating platforms and for sure you will find your perfect match.

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Clue #2. A true gay tells about his sexual orientation directly

If he’s a true gay, most likely he will reveal that on his gay dating site profile. Otherwise, why would he even register there? A true gay will not only state his sexual orientation, but he will also describe which kind of a guy he is looking for (yes, it can be so obvious!)

Listen, if a guy tells that he is looking for an active/passive lover, if he writes that genuine love shall have no boundaries, if he eloquently describes the image of his potential partner as a male – yes, he is a gay (and we suppose you knew it even without us, but just in case…)

Clue #3. He reveals himself in profile descriptions

Sure, not all gay guys are so expressive. Due to social pressures, lack of support in the family and among friends, they may be shy to come out in front of the entire world. They may be shy of themselves. They may be shy to claim they are gay even on gay dating sites – yes, this happens. What do you do, especially if you like this kind of guys?

Well, you need to learn how to read between the lines. A gay guy will imply he is so, he will give you some hints in the profile descriptions on a dating site. At least, he will write something romantic and ambiguous, and he will definitely avoid using references about the opposite sex in his profile descriptions.

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Clue #4. His profile pictures will tell you he is a gay

In many ways! First, you need to pay attention to the shape of his face in the photos. Some studies suggest that gay man look more «masculine» than heterosexual. They are likely to have wider and shorter faces. There might be other facial features indicating the guy’s homosexuality.

Second, pay attention to the poses of the guy in the profile photos. Does he look as what is believed to be «feminine»? Or is he trying to be overly «masculine»? He might also want to expose his sexuality – more than anybody else. Some pictures may be very revealing.

Third, look closely at his clothes, hairstyle and shaving. Is he a fan of bright colours? Does he look like a dandy or metrosexual? Is he showing off with his freshly done hairstyle and shaped eyebrows? There’s a high possibility he is gay.

Clue #5. A gay guy will text you first

Are you still not sure if the guy you like is gay? Well, if he’s a gay and if he knows so are you, and especially if he’s interested in you, he will text you first. Moreover, he will try to bring your conversations up to a new level. It won’t be mere «hi, how are you?». He will start asking you about your interests, hobbies, habits and (oh yes!) views on relationships.

The latter is the strongest indicator he is homosexual. Good for you if he does ask you that! If you like him back, don’t miss that chance and invite him on a date.

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Clue #6. He will be reluctant to talk about women

Well, your nice everyday conversations may be sweet, but he may not go into asking you about your sexual orientation or dating preferences. Yet, you may feel that you have found your soulmate. And no, you don’t want him to be your mere pen-friend. What do you do?

You can test him. Ask him when he went on a date with a girl for the last time. Or ask him if he’s interested in any woman at the moment. Or anything of that character. Just ask and see what he says. If he’s a gay, he’ll try to avoid talking about women or he’ll give you a hint it’s just not his cup of tea.

Be careful, though, not to push him away or scare him off – he may think you’re straight. Therefore, use this opportunity to come out in front of him.

Clue #7. A gay guy may tell you he has a female best friend

Another clue that you shall take into account is that the gay guy will tell you about his female friend. He will make sure to emphasize she’s the friend and he will not be shy to tell you how much fun he has with her. But only fun.

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Clue #8. He knows all the gay clubs in the town

Keep observing him. Does he mention while texting you some of the gays’ household names? Like famous local gay clubs or gay bars? Bingo!

Clue #9. A gay guy may avoid conversations about his family

Unfortunately, many gay guys aren’t able to come out in front of their parents and even some friends. It might be a painful experience for them and they will try not to bring this up in any of the conversations.

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Clue #10. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask him straightforwardly

You’ve seen nine clues revealing the guy you like online is gay. If they haven’t helped you yet, there’s only one remaining thing you can do – and that is asking him directly!

Don’t be afraid of being rejected or sounding ridiculous – it’s totally fine to ask someone you like. Be frank – if he’s a gay, he’ll be awed by your admiration and sincerity. This, in fact, will be a great investment into your potential relationship (fingers crossed for you, guys!) But if he’s not – not a big deal, at least you tried and sorted things out.

So go ahead and search for your gay love online!

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