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We all dream of meeting someone meaningful for our future life. We dream about a sexy, caring and understanding guy who will accept us, flaws and all, who will not expect anything in return for the love he shares and so on. We don’t only dream of such a gay partner but we also put all our efforts into finding one.

However, applying all the efforts you have doesn’t mean looking for the one and only gay guy effectively. You can be simply wasting your energy and it may seem that you’re talking to a brick wall on every gay dating website – no responding, no efficient online dating, no advancing to offline meetings… What’s the matter? Here are tips for you to improve your online gay communication.

What to do at the start?

gay texting tips

1. Focus only on the best gay dating sites

You’re lucky to live in the 21st century – you have so many gay dating opportunities nowadays! However, if you chase two rabbits at once, the old saying goes, both will escape. So focus only on the best gay dating sites, don’t waste your time and energy on free gay dating platforms which provide no security and are full of spammers and scammers.

2. Effective communication starts from your profile

You are wrong if you think the communication with a gay man starts from the first text message. It starts from the moment when he checks your profile.

  • What does it tell him about you?
  • Do you have enough descriptions of yourself there?
  • Do you let your potential date know about your physical parameters and personality traits?

If yes, that’s the effective start of gay communication.

3. Profile pictures speak for themselves

In fact, the first thing a gay guy will pay attention to on your profile is your photos.

  • Do you look sincere or fake?
  • Do your pictures reveal your true personality?
  • Do you look sexy/attractive?
Are the pictures of high resolution?

If not, you need to work on the visuals in your gay dating site profile.

4. Fantasize about your gay partner and let the world know about it

Online gay communication can help you filter out guys who are not of your interest. Don’t be shy to tell in your profile in the descriptions of a potential partner which kind of a guy you want to see near you. Is your dream boy active or passive?

Is he, like you, looking forward to a long-term gay relationship or for a one-night stand? Mention your expectations in the profile to maximize your chances of meeting the right gay partner.

5. How you search means a lot

Different gay dating sites or gay apps have different search and matchmaking tools. Be specific when looking for the guy of your dreams – from the location to the colour of his eyes.

Finally, start talking to him!

gay texting online

6. There shall be no such a thing like «cold texting»

Don’t sit waiting for someone to approach you first. The more gay guys you text, the better. But never spam, it’s a taboo! Personalize your first messages, and you will definitely get many responses. Read the guy’s profile before texting him, and make the first message as specific as possible.

7. Interested in several gay guys? Stay in touch!

Once you have hooked a few gay men, don’t think they will rush to text you back. Keep reminding about yourself, ask them questions, text for a few days to clarify which one suits you more. This will help you to find a gay soulmate.

8. «Good morning» messages are just what you need

The best way to stay in touch, especially if you haven’t got anything to talk about on a daily basis yet, simple «good morning» and «good night» messages would be just fine. Keep reminding him about yourself, he’ll get to know you’re interested and if so is he, he will reply to you promptly.

9. Always follow-up

Has you gay pen-friend told you more about himself? Has he told you he had an event to attend this weekend? Follow-up! Ask him in a few days how it went – use any occasion to talk to the guy you’re interested in.

10. Be genuinely curious about his life

He might be interested in learning more about your life but come on, don’t be a braggart. The gay guy will lose interest in you if you don’t show him you’re curious about him. People love telling more about themselves, so ask him. Ask him as many questions as you can, but don’t turn it into a job interview – be sweet and give some feedback.

When your online communication advances…

secret gay communication

11. Get upgraded – call him!

Many gay dating sites have various communication tools – use all of them to approach guys! Chat-rooms, email-services and, most importantly, phone and video calls – try the last two with a guy who you are particularly interested in. If two of you are in different cities or even countries, this can help you break down the ice before the first date.

12. Don’t rush to meet

It is good if you feel that your online communication with a gay guy is advancing, but don’t rush things. Of course, one day you will have to meet the guy you like, but don’t hurry him up if he isn’t ready. Take time to learn more about him online before finally meeting up.

13. Has he come out? Don’t force him too

Has your gay guy revealed to you something sacred? Respect it and keep it secret, and never use this against him. If he told you he hasn’t come out in front of his family yet, don’t force him to – you aren’t there to decide for him. Better support him in whatever he’s doing – it will help you get more of his admiration towards you.

Are things getting better? Try this

gay communication advice

14. Short warm texts can be better than long pretentious emails

It is up to you which online gay dating services to use. Some people prefer short texting, others – long emails, but remember one thing – whatever you write to your chosen gay guy, it must be genuine and sincere.

15. No nude pictures or sexting unless you’re close enough

Unless you’re looking for short-term intercourses, do not send your gay guy any nudes. If he’s into a serious gay relationship, your extreme sexting can push him away but not turn on. Act decently if you want to gain his respect, however, testing waters is always good – it may even spice up your conversations. Just know the limits.

16. Invite him on a date!

Do you feel he’s the right guy and it’s right about the time two of you met? Then do it!

  • Does he reply fast to you every time you text him?
  • Does this gay guy stay till 3 am chatting with you about anything on earth?
  • Do two of you admire the same Marvel heroes and drink the same type of coffee?

Hey, he likes you! And yes, he wants to meet you but perhaps he’s too shy to say it. Make the first step by inviting him on the first date. A cup of good cappuccino in a local coffee-shop or a glass of beer in the nearest bar is just the right thing.

You can say your online communication with a gay guy has been effective only if it has led to an offline date!

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