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How to use informative and appealing photos?

To be successful in online dating it is important to create an appealing and eye-catching profile. Gay profile picture plays a major role in determining the success of your account. According to a study conducted by Facebook, 87 percent of all users evaluate one’s profile based on the photo alone. People do not read your life story and description first. They do it later when your photo has passed their assessment. So, to catch one’s attention, it is paramount to make an appealing profile photo!

So, you can understand that if you want handsome and interesting gay guys to find you online, you have to choose correct photos. Fortunately, we can help you with this endeavor, and by following these simple few steps, you will be able to turn your account into a magnet for gay men. Below, you will find five examples of photos that your profile should definitely have.

Classic portrait photo

Gay portrait photo

Tip 1: Show your face on a photo

One may agree that we evaluate people by appearance. One of the major elements of choosing a gay date is to define whether a person is handsome or not. It is how humans work. So, it would help if you understood that your profile photo should be in the form of a classic headshot. It is highly advisable not to make a selfie. Instead, you can ask a friend or hire a professional.

Tip 2: Do not be afraid of who you are

Some people may feel unconfident because they wear glasses or have freckles. It is what makes you a unique man. Gay dating requires you to show your individuality and uniqueness. Use it as an opportunity to express and present yourself. You will see that hundreds of gay men would appreciate and enjoy your self-love and self-acceptance.

Tip 3: Focus on your face

Even though it may sound a bit obvious, try to shift the emphasis to your face. Choose a minimalistic background and good lighting. It is very useful to hire a professional and take pictures in the studio, but if it is not possible, a room with a simple background will do just fine!

Full body shot

Full body shot for profile

The next photo that your profile should definitely have is the full body shot. This photo has to depict your body.

Tip 1: Do not make the full body shot overly erotic

It is a very common case for men to take a photo where they are half-naked. Even though such photos are enjoyed and very appealing, they might shift the focus from you to your body. No one should think of you as an object. Furthermore, overly sexual photos attract the wrong kind of dates.

Tip 2: Do not use the full body photo as a profile picture

It is not very advisable to use it as a profile photo because it might be difficult for users to see your face. Usually, most popular gay dating sites have limited space for profile pictures. A webpage with a dozen of handsome gay men should not be too long, which is why there should be limited space for each profile. Using the full body shot would not allow users to see what you look like clearly. Instead, they should find it in your profile gallery, where most popular gay dating sites have a function to view the full-scale photos.

Tip 3: Show only yourself

Similarly to the portrait photo, the full body shot should include only you. Try to avoid the pics where you are together with other people. Choose a plain and simple background so that nothing can distract your potential date. To be successful in gay men dating, it is essential to make people look where you want them to.

Real-life photo

Real-life gay photo

The third photo is your chance to show you in real life. Of course, it does not mean that you have to take a photo in your old pajamas or show the whole world how you watch TV. Instead, it is a chance for you to tell your potential gay dates about your hobbies, interests, lifestyles, and things that are truly important for you. Use gay dating as a way to express yourself!

Tip 1: Balance between you and your everyday life

Your real-life photo should show you and your interests equally. For example, if you enjoy football, your dates should see you playing football or standing on a field with a ball.

Tip 2: Make your photo emotional

This photo has to show the real you. Express your emotions. Try to capture a small moment of your life that is interesting and unique. Even though such a photo might be not of high quality, it can tell more than a plain photo made in a photo studio. If you can show that something is interesting for you, you should definitely upload such a picture!

Photo with animals

Photo with animals

According to research made by OkCupid, photos with animals attract more people. One can agree that a picture with a cute dog or cat can be very appealing and heartwarming!

Tip 1: If should not be your pet

If you do not have a pet but still want to make a photo with a cute animal, you can simply go to friends who have a pet. It will be even more convenient because your friends can take photos.

Tip 2: One photo with an animal would be enough

Not all gay men love animals. Some may have allergies which can be a serious reason not to find you attractive. However, showing that you are kind with animals can be very useful.

Bonus photo

Bonus photo

This is your chance to be creative and unique! You can upload a photo that captures your soul and personality. It can also be a photo of you fooling around. Casual and informal pictures are usually very appealing and joyful.

Tip 1: Make your photos honest

Regardless of what your fourth photo is going to be, it has to be real and honest. Do not make up anything. It should truthfully represent you, so people who visit your profile can understand what type of person you are.

Importance of choosing correct photos for a gay profile

Gay online dating is a way for gay guys to find each other and communicate. Finding a matching person begins with assessing one’s profile picture. Therefore, choosing a correct and appropriate profile picture is incredibly significant in terms of gay dating.

Your profile gallery should be diverse and unique. Do not make similar photos. Even two photos in the same setting can spoil the expectation of your potential date. Be sure that you have a high-quality profile picture. It should display only you, and it should be a close-up, portrait photo. It is also useful to include full body shots, where users can assess your figure. Do not forget to upload action photos, so people can understand that you are an interesting date.

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